Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MLB 2009 First-Year Player Draft

Major League Baseball just conducted its first ever televised draft, here are some thoughts on the FAD. Bud "I take no blame" Selig is trying to generate interest in the MLB first year player draft, while (for years) watching the smashing success of the NFL's and the lesser NBA's be broadcasted nationwide.

Both the NBA & NFL typically see a first round pick play significant roles in their upcoming season. Compare that to a Major League draftee, who will waaaaay more often than not spend considerable time playing in the minor leagues. That means Rookie Ball all the way thru AAA.

That is the problem point blank. I DO NOT care about someone who will not make my team better instantaneously. Jake Long (pro bowl as a rookie), Dwyane Wade (game winning shot on Baron Davis in first round playoff series as rookie), and 2008 Marlins first pick Kyle Skipworth (climbed from rookie ball to A ball).

I guess Major League Baseball is televising it because they finally have a network that would consider covering it (their own MLB Network). If you want to see who your team drafted, for impact to be seen years from now...2009 MLB DRAFT TRACKER

The everyday, average baseball fan, let alone the die-hard cannot get excited over a player who most likely won't even be in the big leagues a couple seasons. Props to Good ol' Bud for trying, but all I saw today was a televised draft nobody cared about. For the record, people who love baseball can't even figure out how the draft works in its entirety. For help on that, check out this: MLB First-Year Player Draft Rules

Yea...we may see Scott Boras' Million Dollar Arm Steven Strasburg possibly in the Majors as soon as this year. That is less common than a high school player making an impact his rookie season in the NBA (Moses Malone & LeBron James, and THAT'S IT)

Given David Price, the Rays phenom left-handed pitcher; drafted 1st overall in 2007 he waited until September 14, 2008 (1 year, 3 months, 7 days) to make his debut. WooooHooooo!!!!


p.s. If it sounds like I dislike Good ol' Bud, you are quite right, because I do. Step up like a man, and apologize to the fans for not caring about the steroid issue in the sport. And you didn't do anything until CONGRESS FORCED YOU.

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