Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wayne Ellington (22) takes the Most Oustanding Player Award

FROM What's Been on My Mind (March 30 Post)
SO...we have made it to the Final Four. UCONN, UNC, Villanova, and Michigan St...That means I will pick UNC to win the 2009 NCAA Championship, Roy Williams' second with the Tar Heels.

I am not normally one to boast about my accomplishments, but you gotta give it to me on this one. Who else do you know had Ellington winning M.O.P.? I just have a knack for things like this. I'll come out with some MLB Predictions after this week is through. Ellington took the award with great shooting, especially from beyond the arc.

Final Four Most Outstanding Players
YearPlayerTeamKey stats
2009Wayne EllingtonNorth Carolina39 points, 14-26 FG, 8-10 3-pt FG

Saturday, April 4, 2009

EXCUSES, for why there is no ANSWER (Iverson).

Some possible reasons Allen Iverson will not be heard from the rest of this season...
  • I am better than coming off the bench.
  • I have earned starting position on ANY team.
  • The Pistons and Grizzlies are a better without me.
  • I have lost a step.
  • Reebok is not as good a sponsor as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, or Converse.
  • I cannot fall down 7 times anymore, and then stand up 8.
  • My back hurts.
  • Terrell Owens and I are best friends.
Let me first say that Allen Iverson is one of my favorite players of All-Time. It is my ungrateful position to say that I have lost some respect for pound-for-pound the toughest, grittiest, and most fearless players in NBA League History. When AI was at his best, there never was, there is not currently, and there never will be another player like THE ANSWER.

When it comes to being a CHAMPION, you must do whatever you can for the best interest of the TEAM, not you. Allen Iverson has more talent in his left pinky than most people have in their entire bodies, so his feelings are understood. This is not to say that he should have no qualms about his time in Detroit, but if Allen was all about WINNING then coming off the bench would not be an issue. Iverson definitely wants a ring, but I do not think he understands how to reach this goal.

I believe that if he chooses to, Iverson, can become the best 6th man in the NBA and be an unstoppable backup point guard. Yes, I said BACKUP POINT GUARD. Allen Iverson can see the floor as good as anyone who ever played the game. He has the ball handling, decision making, and passing skills needed to excel at the position.

Given this information, if Mr. Iverson wanted to continue playing basketball at a high level, a transformation of HIS GAME needs to take place. His veteran presence, killer instinct, and will to win can be unmatched. He must accept that he is not the same player that we all grew to love, and that his value is far greater playing a different role. He cannot be the number one option anymore. I would take Iverson for 20-30 minutes a game any day, especially playing against another teams' bench players. Can you imagine him playing against backups on a nightly basis? It wouldn't even be fair to the other team.

That is where the problem comes in. Allen has been ball dominate his entire life, and it is the only way he knows to play. A player with his pride and accomplishments cannot make this transition easily, but it definitely can be done (e.g. Kareem, Payton, & Garnett). At some point you must realize that your skills have diminished, quickness has slipped, 40 min per game is not attainable, and YES, time came to change your hairstyle from cornrows. If Iverson can grow out of the cornrows, he can grow out of that individual way of playing ball.

I hope that Allen Iverson chooses the right path from this season forward so we get to see him play for years to come. If he follows my recommendation, years can be extended to his career, and for his sake rings can be won. It will take convincing from the few people Iverson trusts in his life, and I am definitely not one of those. I am just a huge fan, who wants to see one of his favorites win a ring and play for like 5 more years.

Peace, for now until later.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Major League Baseball Preview

It is maybe my favorite time of year in sport because Spring is upon us and the hope of all teams is alive to make the MLB Playoffs--only 6 month away!! There might be nothing better in sports than being able to end your day with a baseball game, and in my case 95% of the time it is at 7:05 pm.

Let's begin with a quick recap of last year...Phillies won World Series over upstart Tampa Bay Rays. OK, now onto this year. Here is a division by division preview, followed by my predictions for this year.

NL East
  • Phillies bolster lineup with Raul Ibanez, but spring scare with Cole Hamels' elbow, Philly fans hold breath it doesn't flare up again.
  • Braves add some starting pitching, look to come back with a healthy offense, will be much improved.
  • Marlins have top staff in division, look for young players to make a huge impact (Maybin, Bonifacio, & Sanchez).
  • Mets try to justify their huge payroll, starting pitching questions, and two consecutive chokes at the end of season look to rebound.
  • Nationals tried to make a splash with Teixeira.
AL East
  • Red Sox hope for a healthy Ortiz, and sleeper free agent signing Brad Penny makes them a favorite.
  • Yankees will look to C.C. and A.J. to help the pitching but age may catch up with the rest of team.
  • Rays try to match last year's magic, the future looks bright, but everyone else improved.
  • Orioles have a great young OF-Nick Markakis and it seems they are finally headed in the right direction.
  • Blue Jays will struggle but Roy Halladay is the BEST PITCHER in baseball.
NL Central
  • Cubs have not done much, but Milton Bradley will help a lot. The pitching looks strong, Kevin Gregg will probably be involved in waaay to many decisions for a closer.
  • Cardinals like their chances basically because of 2 people-La Russa & Pujols. Their pitching looks to get healthy with the return of Ace Chris Carpenter.
  • Astros seem to always be around and look for more of the same this year. A lot of guys born in the 70's means a breakdown by end of year is possible.
  • Brewers will fall back to the pack this year with an unhealthy Ben Sheet and no Sabathia. Offense will put up huge numbers, but can they score more than their opponent everyday?
  • Reds could be a surprise, look for Brandon Phillips to be recognized nationally, and Edinson Volquez has absolutely nasty stuff.
  • Pirates have a couple good players, Ryan Doumit could be an all-star catcher.
AL Central
  • White Sox have suspect pitching, and aging hitting.
  • Indians will try to rebound after a disappointing 2008, and life after C.C. is in its first full year. They could make a run at the division title, hoping for a healthy Travis Hafner.
  • Tigers could hit a lot of homers, and Miguel Cabrera just keeps on chugging.
  • Royals fans could have something to cheer about this year, and its been a long time coming. I mean cheering in August, September could be possible.
  • Twins are a classy organizations and are always competitive. I don't expect anything different this year. Liriano is a stud who is a Cy Young Candidate.
NL West
  • Dodgers hope Manny can lift them to playoffs again.
  • D-Backs are young but they have some great starting pitching and should be in a lot of games.
  • Rockies will struggle this year 2 years removed from a World Series appearance.
  • Padres need to get rid of Peavy in order to move forward as a franchise, and it should be a loooong year.
  • Giants have a horse in Tim Lincecum, and this will be a fun team to watch. Good starting pitching will keep them around for a while.
AL West
  • Angels have a great lineup but the loss of K-Rod and some other pitching questions will test the teams front office.
  • Athletics are always a tough game and that will continue. They look to make the playoffs again with a new crop of young starting pitching and try to find magic in a bottle with the return of Jason Giambi.
  • Mariners have one of my favorite players in Ichiro, but that's about it.
  • Rangers have Josh Hamilton who is probably the greatest story in sports history.
NL- Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Wild Card-Florida Marlins
AL- Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Wild Card- New York Yankees

World Series Winner- Chicago Cubs

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heat vs. Mavericks

I am very happy and upset with the loss...the article written earlier today by Ira talked exactly about what I saw (or attempted by the Heat). We saw Coach Spo play his BEST LINEUP nearly most of the 4th Quarter. Wade, Chalmers, Cook, Beasley, Haslem. He gave the rook's a chance to play big and in my opinion they did. We nearly pulled through against a good team, and a really tough home-court advantage for the Mavs. I hope this is how we will end all the games from now on.

We must do whatever we can to maintain the 5th Seed or it will be an early exit for this years' Heat team.

Chalmers made the last play based on INSTINCT, which is indicitive of allowing a player to grow up, so he PLAYING instead of thinking (what would coach want). I personally am OK with what he did, and I do believe it was a phantom charge call.

Beasley hit two key free throws, after missing two key free throws. I like seeing him get to the line late though, very encouraging. Beasley got the chance to score on 3 consecutive posessions. Missed long 2pt shot, Turnover, and drive to basket (2 free throw). WRONG ORDER MICHAEL. Start with the drive, then take the shot if you are given the open space.

So Philly, by virture of playing 2 less games has overtaken the 5th Seed. Let's hope for a loss by them tomorrow against the Bucks. And followed by a Heat win Friday in Charlotte, who always plays us tough.

Peace, for now until later.


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The Herd's Breakfast Bracket

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