Monday, March 30, 2009

What's been on my mind....

It has been some time since my last post, but for good reason. The crux of Spring Semester '09 began to impose its will on me again since returning from spring break. I have found some downtime between school, work, and studying(among various other activities) to voice my ever growing opinion on any topic in sport.

Today is a great day for me. I should, barring the Orlando Magic TV or NBA League Pass Broadband not showing it, be able to see the retirement of Alonzo Mourning's #33 for the Miami Heat. He is the first player to receive this honor from the Miami Heat, and it is truly significant because Mr. Mourning transcends basketball. Pick your choice of articles from the South Florida newspapers, all writers do a fabulous job.
Watch the Retirement Announcement


ZO dominates the MAVS
NBA on TNT speaks on his retirement

SO...we have made it to the Final Four. UCONN, UNC, Villanova, and Michigan St. I got 3 of 4, but who didn't? Sam Young won't win M.O.P. But I'll take Wayne Ellington instead any day. That means I will pick UNC to win the 2009 NCAA Championship, Roy Williams' second with the Tar Heels.

Major League baseball is going to be underway in just a couple of days, and Oh Boy I cannot wait!!! 6 months of games and only a few days off. I am ready to watch my Marlins compete for the NL East crown, as well as the Wild Card. I believe our starting pitching will be good, opening wiht a 1-2 punch of Nolasco and Johnson. The bats will probably be up-and-down, but Hanley will always be around. I will discuss the season in greater length in a later posting...

Does anyone notice the Stanley Cup Playoffs are fastly approaching. Well I am surrounded by huge hockey fans, and I can't seem to enjoy the sport unless more than 3 people are watching together. Let's hope for the Panthers to end their looooooong drought.

And can't you just not get enough of Tebow and Urban on ESPN.

Peace, for now until later.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Jayson Stark: How to fix the World Baseball Classic

I found this on ESPN, its a great idea for what I was talking about in my previous entry on the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC. I like what Stark has to say, anyone got comments to share on this article...

Stark: How to fix the World Baseball Classic

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What happened to just playing?

I would like to start off saying Jay Cutler is a baby for whining about how his new coach has treated him. Now that this is out of the way, we can move onto more pressing matters of players trying to force their way off their current team.

John Elway, Eli Manning, Wayne Gretzky are a few of the players who did this in the past well.

Mostly, this is seen in the NFL, granted the players' full contract is not guaranteed, which is to blame for this issue. In the NBA it has taken place, the most notable of recent memory is Steve Francis refusing to play for the Vancouver Grizzlies who drafted him, and a trade to Houston ensued.

This has become a trend in recent history, and I have somewhat of an oldschool view on the subject. I believe the player has rights, but not to the extent of forcing a trade upon the club. A number of reasons can lead to a players malcontent--poor management decision, lack of a committment to winning, or in Jay Cutler's situation, the way he feels he is being treated poorly.

The prime example of how a player should behave in a bad situation is Kevin Garnett. Years of being the centerpiece on a bad team, stemming from poor management decision you would think he would perform the bitching and moaning so often seen from players this day in age. But no, NOT ONE WORD out his mouth on the terrible Minnesota Timberwolves, the mark of a true team player and champion. We all know how this story ends, former Celtic teammates (McHale & Ainge) teaming up in a trade that brought Garnett to Boston, with a ring following.

If these "prima donna" players cared more about their team than themselves, as Garnett showed your professionalism will carry you far beyond any forcing of management's hand will. Yes I know Manning's refusal to play for San Diego got him a ring with the G-Men. But he will always be remembered as Elway is, for refusing to play for the team which granted them access to millions of dollars professional sports brings to athletes.

Peace, for now until later.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

NCAA Tournament

Let's begin with the fact that more than half the selection committee does not have direct basketball experience--> See Jay Bilas of for more information regarding this catastrophe.

Starting with conference championships, March Madness begins and is fine tuned coming with the Selection Show that just passed last night. Of course there are snubs each and every year, and then some teams that are not as deserving to get in, make it anyway. This brings me back to my point about who is on the selection committee. I would almost rather have freaking computers make the decisions so there is no bias involved, but that's a whole other issue (BCS).

Anyway, the real games begin Thursday 3/19, but before that is the highly anticipated play-in game between Alabama State vs. Morehead State on Tuesday 3/17. I'll take Pitt winning it all with Sam Young being Final Four MVP.

Peace, for now until later.


Friday, March 13, 2009

World Baseball Classic

Can anyone honestly feel pride in the USA Baseball Team? I feel the WBC is a brilliant idea stemming from baseball's removal from the Summer Olympics. But, it doesn't garner near the attention as the FIFA World Cup.

I know this is the only 2nd instance of it taking place, with Japan winning the first, but it is almost as though it is not really even taking place.

How does Commissioner Bud "I take no blame" Selig expect to enhance baseball's image worldwide if even in his own country the majority of people cannot view the WBC games. Most people don't have the MLB Network, and this issue is reminiscent of the NFL showing games that only people who pay for NFL Network can view.

I for one would like to see these multi-million or billion dollar organization think about the everyday fan for once and not the bottom line of making an extra freakin dollar from tv deals. This really grinds my gears---family guy reference.

Peace, for now until later.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Initial Posting...

A little bit about me...

Student @ Univesity of Florida in Gainesville...Yes, it is the home of the Gator Nation and the greatest college town of all. Originally from South Florida and I do love my hometown teams- Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, & Panthers.

Yes, Tim Tebow is the second coming of Christ...No just kidding but really he is a one of a kind human being whose image transcends sport. Take a look at this article, it exemplifies this.,0,64559.story

Too many people hate on the NBA, which to me is the best league in the world. Where else do you get a Jumpshooting 7'6" Chinese man (Yao) going head to head with a Nimble 7'1, 325lb immovable object (Shaq)? Does anyone else notice that these guys have the most fun while playing an extremely exhausting game.

Peace, for now until later.

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