Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MLB Season Wrap & Postseason Preview

NL- Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Wild Card-Florida Marlins
AL- Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Wild Card- New York Yankees
World Series Winner- Chicago Cubs

SOOOOOOOOO WRONG IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. What the hell was I thinking about the A's making it, and I should've known with the Cubs.

So that makes it 1/4 in the NL and depending on if the Twins win today's play-in game i could get 3/4 in the AL. It just seems like the Twins are gonna make it after everything going on with them--Last year @ Metrodome, Mauer misses beginning of season (hits .364), Morneau injured near season's end, etc.

Should I even attempt predicting the NL? Dodgers, Phillies, Rockies, & Cardinals. Real quick Dodgers limp into playoffs and have to face the best player (Pujols). I like the Cardinals winning the NL, for 4 reasons--Albert, Carpenter, Wainwright, & La Russa. The other series Phillies-Rockies is a matchup of flawed clubs in my opinion. Phillies cannot closes games out and the Rockies don't have any #1 pitcher (Cook, Marquiz, Jiminez just a bunch of #2 guys).

In the AL, you got Red Sox-Angels and Yankers-Twins/Tigers. Easy, Yankees take it because the play-in game ruins you. For the other matchup my gut says Sox, but it seems like an Angels year. So in the end Angels-Yankees and the Yankees take the cake.

World Series winner-- CARDINALS. Best combo of hitting, pitching, and managing in the bigs.

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