Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heat vs. Mavericks

I am very happy and upset with the loss...the article written earlier today by Ira talked exactly about what I saw (or attempted by the Heat). We saw Coach Spo play his BEST LINEUP nearly most of the 4th Quarter. Wade, Chalmers, Cook, Beasley, Haslem. He gave the rook's a chance to play big and in my opinion they did. We nearly pulled through against a good team, and a really tough home-court advantage for the Mavs. I hope this is how we will end all the games from now on.

We must do whatever we can to maintain the 5th Seed or it will be an early exit for this years' Heat team.

Chalmers made the last play based on INSTINCT, which is indicitive of allowing a player to grow up, so he PLAYING instead of thinking (what would coach want). I personally am OK with what he did, and I do believe it was a phantom charge call.

Beasley hit two key free throws, after missing two key free throws. I like seeing him get to the line late though, very encouraging. Beasley got the chance to score on 3 consecutive posessions. Missed long 2pt shot, Turnover, and drive to basket (2 free throw). WRONG ORDER MICHAEL. Start with the drive, then take the shot if you are given the open space.

So Philly, by virture of playing 2 less games has overtaken the 5th Seed. Let's hope for a loss by them tomorrow against the Bucks. And followed by a Heat win Friday in Charlotte, who always plays us tough.

Peace, for now until later.


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