Thursday, March 12, 2009

Initial Posting...

A little bit about me...

Student @ Univesity of Florida in Gainesville...Yes, it is the home of the Gator Nation and the greatest college town of all. Originally from South Florida and I do love my hometown teams- Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, & Panthers.

Yes, Tim Tebow is the second coming of Christ...No just kidding but really he is a one of a kind human being whose image transcends sport. Take a look at this article, it exemplifies this.,0,64559.story

Too many people hate on the NBA, which to me is the best league in the world. Where else do you get a Jumpshooting 7'6" Chinese man (Yao) going head to head with a Nimble 7'1, 325lb immovable object (Shaq)? Does anyone else notice that these guys have the most fun while playing an extremely exhausting game.

Peace, for now until later.

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