Friday, March 13, 2009

World Baseball Classic

Can anyone honestly feel pride in the USA Baseball Team? I feel the WBC is a brilliant idea stemming from baseball's removal from the Summer Olympics. But, it doesn't garner near the attention as the FIFA World Cup.

I know this is the only 2nd instance of it taking place, with Japan winning the first, but it is almost as though it is not really even taking place.

How does Commissioner Bud "I take no blame" Selig expect to enhance baseball's image worldwide if even in his own country the majority of people cannot view the WBC games. Most people don't have the MLB Network, and this issue is reminiscent of the NFL showing games that only people who pay for NFL Network can view.

I for one would like to see these multi-million or billion dollar organization think about the everyday fan for once and not the bottom line of making an extra freakin dollar from tv deals. This really grinds my gears---family guy reference.

Peace, for now until later.


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