Saturday, April 4, 2009

EXCUSES, for why there is no ANSWER (Iverson).

Some possible reasons Allen Iverson will not be heard from the rest of this season...
  • I am better than coming off the bench.
  • I have earned starting position on ANY team.
  • The Pistons and Grizzlies are a better without me.
  • I have lost a step.
  • Reebok is not as good a sponsor as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, or Converse.
  • I cannot fall down 7 times anymore, and then stand up 8.
  • My back hurts.
  • Terrell Owens and I are best friends.
Let me first say that Allen Iverson is one of my favorite players of All-Time. It is my ungrateful position to say that I have lost some respect for pound-for-pound the toughest, grittiest, and most fearless players in NBA League History. When AI was at his best, there never was, there is not currently, and there never will be another player like THE ANSWER.

When it comes to being a CHAMPION, you must do whatever you can for the best interest of the TEAM, not you. Allen Iverson has more talent in his left pinky than most people have in their entire bodies, so his feelings are understood. This is not to say that he should have no qualms about his time in Detroit, but if Allen was all about WINNING then coming off the bench would not be an issue. Iverson definitely wants a ring, but I do not think he understands how to reach this goal.

I believe that if he chooses to, Iverson, can become the best 6th man in the NBA and be an unstoppable backup point guard. Yes, I said BACKUP POINT GUARD. Allen Iverson can see the floor as good as anyone who ever played the game. He has the ball handling, decision making, and passing skills needed to excel at the position.

Given this information, if Mr. Iverson wanted to continue playing basketball at a high level, a transformation of HIS GAME needs to take place. His veteran presence, killer instinct, and will to win can be unmatched. He must accept that he is not the same player that we all grew to love, and that his value is far greater playing a different role. He cannot be the number one option anymore. I would take Iverson for 20-30 minutes a game any day, especially playing against another teams' bench players. Can you imagine him playing against backups on a nightly basis? It wouldn't even be fair to the other team.

That is where the problem comes in. Allen has been ball dominate his entire life, and it is the only way he knows to play. A player with his pride and accomplishments cannot make this transition easily, but it definitely can be done (e.g. Kareem, Payton, & Garnett). At some point you must realize that your skills have diminished, quickness has slipped, 40 min per game is not attainable, and YES, time came to change your hairstyle from cornrows. If Iverson can grow out of the cornrows, he can grow out of that individual way of playing ball.

I hope that Allen Iverson chooses the right path from this season forward so we get to see him play for years to come. If he follows my recommendation, years can be extended to his career, and for his sake rings can be won. It will take convincing from the few people Iverson trusts in his life, and I am definitely not one of those. I am just a huge fan, who wants to see one of his favorites win a ring and play for like 5 more years.

Peace, for now until later.



  1. I kind of agree with you, but I think AI is getting jobbed. The Pistons are as much at fault here as Iverson. They really traded for his contract: the fact that Iverson gets blamed for everything negative makes him a nice scapegoat for the pistons underachieving. Had SA traded for Iverson he would be getting the blame for Timmy breaking down now too.

    Check out my article on it...

  2. No one but the "media" has blamed A.I. for anything. Nothing has been said by anyone on the team. A.I got his way as usual. Granted he was trade for to get the salary relief next year, but was totally lost trying to play the team game the Pistons have been known for, defense from him was no where to be seen. His ball handling took the other four players totally out of the game, not knowing what or when he would do anything. The blame is all his as he did not want to change, or just would not change.


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