Saturday, July 11, 2009

"It is not where you land, but where you end up."

That was a quote by me! POSTERS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST...

Well since the fourth of July feast much has happened in the world of sport.

Le Tour de France has begun, and of course with little fanfare in America the beautiful! Lance Armstrong is cycling to win the tour after a three year hiatus. Not to mention he is a winner of the tour a record 7 consecutive years running from 1999-2005. For the most part Lance is back to "show the world" he can win amidst all the doping & p.e.d. speculation which encompasses his sport. Regardless, he is an amazing human being whose achievements must go down as Top 10 in all of sports history. If you've been in hiding and do not know already he is a testicular cancer survivor. If you have any decency in his cause @ I did back when those awesome yellow braclets first came out!!

Moving on, Roger Federer is better than Tiger Woods? Well, that debate remains in Tiger's hands, but at the moment Roger has the upper hand. Federer recently won his sixth Wimbledon Title, which elevated him into unprecedented territory with his 15th career grand slam championship. He surpassed legend Pete Sampras who sitting courtside offered thumbs up as Roger jumped in the air as he claimed the title. Back to the Tiger debate, the eras of both Federer & Woods have helped each guy achieve amazing success in their respective sports.

I am by no means a racist, but I do find it somewhat amusing that African-Americans dominate the country club sports of Golf and Women's Tennis. An all Williams' Wimbledon final had Serena take down sister Venus. Somewhere in their graves old white man are screeching. But, I love it, only if James Blake could start winning big!

The Major League Baseball All-Star game is in a couple days and my prediction for starting pitchers has probably fallen up short. Santana v. Halladay, hey both made their teams, but who couldn't pick those two! It should be a great one, now that the game has meant something for a couple years running.
Peace, for now until later.

- Aaron

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