Sunday, July 19, 2009

What makes Golf great?

As Tom Watson failed to make the putt on the 18th Green which would have sealed his 9th Major victory a discussion came about in my dwelling. A buddy of mine was not impressed with the feat of having a near 60-year-old man playing at a Championship level in a Major Tournament. That in itself is what makes the game of Golf a beauty.

Only in this sport is a senior's skill level become equivalent to a 25 or 30-year-old by way of course conditions. Watson's inability to close on the 18th hole does not take away from his accomplishments during this 138th British Open. He lead the tournament from Round 1 to the last hole, and let's go with that he choked. Yes, it sucks. He may not have this opportunity again...he hasn't won a PGA Tournament in 11 years (Mastercard Colonial, '98) and not won a Major in 26 years (Open Championship, '83). I am not included Senior(Championship) Tour wins, of which he has 12 since 1999 (5 majors & 7 regualar).

Tom Watson had the chance to elevate himself up the all-time Major Championships list, and it was said best on the ABC broadcast..."He has only himself to blame." In no other sport can a sixty-year-old need to blame himself for not winning the most difficult tournament played all year. If you can't recognize that greatness, your aptitute must be checked.

Done, BOOM.

- Aaron

If Tiger didn't suck this weekend and Phil was playing, this post probably would not have been written.

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